Cooler heads prevail

Tony Stewart and the very tragic incident last Saturday evening in Canandaigua N.Y.


First let me say, this tragic incident will undeniably lead to embellished charges against any racecar driver that wrecks another out of a race. It could lead to a law suit by the victim(s) because they were not able to finish the race and possible winning that race or even other races if he were injured enough to be sidelined for a while. We all have seen authorities intervening in other contact sport altercations where serious injuries and or deaths have occurred over many decades like hockey, football, baseball, and recently soccer so now why not auto racing. 


There are altercations from a variety of drivers where a they will get out of their wrecked racecar and onto the track and make a variety of jesters to another driver, including Tony Stewart, but what I have witnessed is they are in a much more pristine environment and the action by the aggressor is not happening in the path of the racecar. But that never will stop the court of public opinion, especially when a particular driver is not liked by a portion of the race fans and the public that does not faithfully follow auto racing.


I am not for any type of legal action in contact sports as it leads to cry-babies and no one wants that in professional sports. I am definitely not saying investigations should not be forthcoming when there is serious injury or death but there was, in this case, a stupid action by Kevin Ward Jr. by getting out of his race car and walking out onto the darkened track (wearing a black fire suit) to confront Tony. If Kevin had not dashed onto the track in front of Tony he most definitely would not have put himself in jeopardy like he did.


I do not know all the details and no one does, except God and Tony, but for the most part Tony Stewart has been tried and convicted of intentionally killing another driver by all that do not like him as a competitive driver and team owner in NASCAR.


Speaking from my point of view, I don’t like many drivers myself and they are always the villain in my eyes when there is a crash on the track, just like all of you reading this piece. But that doesn’t make, in this case, Tony Stewart a murderer as some of the post comments have stated. Everyone should hold their accusations until all of the investigation has been completed. Until then we all need to pray for comfort for the family and friends of ALL involved and that the truth from all witnesses is not spun in favor of conviction.


Cooler heads prevail

Bobby G, Kingman AZ